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Weekly Individual Therapy: 

  • Weekly individual therapy involves 45-minute weekly sessions, in which we check in about your mood, progress toward goals, and learn and practice new coping skills.
  • For youth under 18, weekly individual therapy also involves checking in with parents during each session and some parent-only sessions.
  • During the pandemic, individual therapy and parent-only sessions are conducted via telehealth/videoconferencing,

Therapy Intensives:

  • Some children and adults may experience more impairing symptoms of anxiety, that warrant more intensive services than once weekly therapy. For example, sometimes children and teenagers may miss or refuse to attend school or  adults may miss college classes or work due to severe anxiety.
  • Additionally, some families and adults may prefer to start with intensive services during a break from work or school (i.e., summer, winter break, spring break), to set them up for success when they return back to their normal schedule.
  • Additionally, for some families who do not have a provider in their area, coming to Miami for an intensive treatment may provide an avenue to obtain and practice new coping skills in a relatively short period of time.
  • Individuals with specific phobia (e.g., intense fears of dogs, water, planes, vomiting) may benefit from an intensive full-day treatment.
  • Individuals with panic disorder (i.e., recurrent panic attacks) and/or agoraphobia (i.e., avoidance of crowds, traveling) are particularly well-suited for week-long intensives.
  • During the pandemic, I am currently offering twice-weekly telehealth services, but am not offering day-long or week-long intensives.


  • I have experience doing trainings and consultation for a range of mental health professionals (i.e., psychologists, social workers, students) on evidence-based treatments and practices (i.e., suicide risk assessment and outcome monitoring).
  • If you are looking to expand the use of evidence-based practices for anxiety, depression, or obsessive-compulsive spectrum disorders for youth or adults into your private practice, community mental health center, hospital, university clinic, or school, I also offer personalized consultation, based on your needs.
  • For example, I offer brief (1-2 hour), half day, full day, and multi-day trainings on a range of evidence-based treatments (e.g., transdiagnostic treatment for youth and adults with anxiety and depression) and suicide risk assessment.
  • Following a training, you may also benefit from weekly individual or group consultation calls as you begin to implement a new practice.
  • Administrators, leaders, or supervisors at a practice may prefer ad-hoc consultation calls as they troubleshoot implementing new practices into their unique setting.


  • I have previously provided group supervision on individual therapy cases to doctoral students in training at University of Miami. I am currently the main clinical supervisor for doctoral and master’s level clinical psychology students within the Florida International University MINT Anxiety Program, where I conducted individual and group supervision on individual and group therapy.
  • If you are seeking an additional supervisor for students in training at your practice/university or are seeking supervision in between graduation and licensure, I offer individual and group supervision services.